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About Us

SkillPod is a technology for humanity initiative focused on development of competitive talent with
emphasis on industry skills. We believe a competitive global workforce will help lure employment and
job creation that will lead to wealth creation and ultimately sustainable economic development.

Our services designed to work both in the public and private sector. We partner with major technology
vendors, academic institutions, knowledge based companies and research in delivering our services.

Our leadership team is comprised of technologists and business leaders from fortune 500 companies.

SkillPod’s Objective

To enable institutions to deliver technology centered education and competitive industry skills.

Our goal is to…

  1. Link research centers, institutions and businesses to sponsor institutions to enhance quality and productivity of educational programs.
  2. Deploy Integrated Knowledge Portal to foster knowledge transfer, resource sharing and educational tools.
  3. Deploy training and certification programs that foster professional development and capacity building.
  4. Provide low cost technology access models to enable technology for the masses at a faster and affordable rate.

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